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Silk lashes

Silk lashes

Silk lashes

Silk lashes
Silk lashes

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The Products of Victory are designed,developed and manufactured by Victory designers, technicians with the 100%passion , tenacity and advance. Maru Silk Lashes -The samples for brand of Victory are 100% made by hand from Silk PPT fiber(polybutylene terephthalate synthetic). Deepest black, dark & a semi-gloss finish for a dramatic effect,full finish. Tapered tip and strong base these lashes are eassy to apply and soft touch, while still extremely durable and long lasting . Processed through new technique, the lashes will be maintain the shape of curl for the life of the lashes . The lashes are packed in hard case (plastic tray) or soft case (paper tray).The tray have a sticker indication the lash type .
Please contact us :+84 903830626

Sample in this case  is  Mink with 16 strip/C curl/mixed 7~15mm.

The lashes are made from Silk synthetic PBT fiber.

The dimentions for normal are as below: 

1. Lash card: 111 (mm) L x 51 (mm) W (± 0.5mm)

2.Paper box: 119 (mm) L x 61 (mm) W x 13 (mm ) H

3.Plastic box: 113 (mm) L x55 (mm)  W x 12 (mm) H or 15(mm-big box)H

For OEM: 

Curl: B, C, C+, D,D+,L,L+,M.

Lengths: Individual lengths  from 4mm to 18mm.

Thickness: from 0.03 mm~0.23 mm .

Line qty: 12~25 strip lines/box. 

The colors of plastic boxes, paper boxes, dimentions : variant colors, forms...

Above OEM infomations are used for reference, for more details, please kindly refer to our " FAQ"/OEM part.

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